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Refund & Return Policy

1. Giant Digi is dedicated to safeguarding the privacy of personal information belonging to our global clientele.

2. In order to deliver digital marketing solutions, we may gather personal details such as names, postal addresses, email addresses, and telephone numbers from our clients.

3. Robust technical and organizational measures have been instituted to safeguard personal data against unauthorized access, disclosure, tampering, or deletion.

4. Personal data will solely be utilized for the purposes it was initially obtained for.

5. Without prior consent, we pledge not to sell or disclose personal data to any third party.

6. We are committed to maintaining the accuracy, completeness, and currency of personal data.

7. Personal data shall be retained only for the duration necessary to furnish our services or as dictated by legal obligations.

8. Compliance with pertinent data protection legislation and regulations is integral to our operations.

9. Any modifications to this Privacy Policy will be promptly communicated to our clientele and published on our official website.

10. In addition to the aforementioned, please note that any customized products are subject to a 30-day return policy; thereafter, returns will not be accommodated.